About SoCo

Our Story

SoCoconut Candles LLC is a mother-and-son business that was born in 2021 and is handcrafted in Fort Worth, TX. The name SoCoconut originated after making a few candles and seeing how elegantly they came out. From creating a product that held beauty, we said “Sophisticated” candles shall be our direction, (So) is an abbreviation. We wanted something for everybody to enjoy with an eco-friendly, non-toxic, and long-lasting wax that carries meaning by design.

Humble Beginnings

The idea came to us while trying to help a friend in the family that struggles with anxiety and depression. We questioned how we could help, and when gathering research, we found that Lavender helps significantly with both conditions. Our creative fragrances and essential oil concoctions make for the perfect aromatherapy. We pour each candle with love. We differ in using a floral design to match the product fragrance, then decorate with stones to invite good intentions. All stones have a hidden meaning. Whether you're a seasoned crystal enthusiast or a curious newcomer, we hope that every one of our customers either gains knowledge from our products or recovers from any underlying health condition they may be experiencing. Stones will empower you to harness the potential locked within these dazzling creations of the Earth. The power is in your hands to customize and release your desired frequency or choose a set intention from our intention collection to start manifesting the life you deserve.

How We Differ From Others

After seeing the benefits of aromatherapy and gaining respect for a deeper meaning to each stone, we agreed our next step was to utilize only natural and sustainable products. It started with kicking soy out of the equation and only using coconut wax. Coconut wax allows for a longer-lasting scent, is safe for the environment, non-toxic (safe for pets or children), and overall looks luxurious. Then it boiled down to eco-friendly wooden wicks, biodegradable cork lids, post-consumer 100% recycled packaging and labels, and glass vessels. After attending our first Mattoon Street Festival in Springfield, MA, we gathered a larger audience on our Instagram page and continue to see growth with the help of supporters like yourself. We strive to be innovative and understand that simplicity will guide us to success. So as we whisk up an unforgettable work of art, we hope that all experience SoCoconut Candles.